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She begins to find out just what that means when she begins to try to recover ...

See full summary » Rich Hungarian-born orphan Katya Davidov commissions Jordan Kirkland to research her past starting from a photograph, showing her as a child next to an elusive Fabergé music box. See full summary » Very first opening shot (Brooklyn and Manhattan Bridges over the East River) sets this movie in New York City but ten seconds later there's a scene of the 506 Carlton streetcar line in Toronto.

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In an Ontario lilt, she told of the time he invited her to his show at Foxwoods Resort Casino in Connecticut and asked her to his room to share “baked goods,” then lay back on the bed and brushed his knee against her leg.Andrea Constand took the witness stand at the Cosby trial Tuesday and faced off against her alleged attacker in a dramatic moment that has long been called for by survivors of sexual violence.“There, wearing a dark-colored coat, brown tie and white shirt,” Constand said, gesturing, when asked to point out the entertainer who is accused of violating her at his Philadelphia-area mansion.He glanced down quickly at his clothing, then sat stoically.I'd add that, of course, the leads are Canadian, the film was made in Canada, and the Lifetime Channel obviously is probably among of the top five or so elements supporting Canada's economy, with the network's movie-making there.The lead gals were likable, but both of them, along with the neighbor (and most of the remainder of the cast) could best be summed-up a "pleasant, amiable doophuses" (or is it doophii? The most memorable aspect of the film, and the one facet worthy of a superlative, would be that the two neighbors' continuing "plumbing situation" has to be the lamest, most tiresome, contrived gimmick in the history of stage, film or print.Or a series of awkward dinners, in which Cosby would invite her to his mansion and have the chef prepare a meal that she would then eat by herself, with Cosby popping in only occasionally to check on her.


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