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People who want to showcase their unique abilities and goods find this a good occasion to do so.Part of the festivities also include rides and games.This normally has cultural or religious connotations, but we all know that festivals are mainly social occasions; mainly celebrated to get us away from the mundane and on to the more colorful aspects of life.We all know that different countries and different areas within these countries have their own festivals.The Japan America Society of Greater Philadelphia has been working overtime this year to complete our merger while providing excellent Japanese art, business, and culture programs.We adopted a new mission: JASGP inspires mutual curiosity, understanding, and collaboration between Japan and the Philadelphia region.In 2017, we unified our financial and auditing procedures, completed a rebranding project, implemented a dynamic new business model for seasonal visitors services staff, completed our 2018-2020 strategic plan, and finished a ,000 roof preservation project for Shofuso Japanese House and Garden in October with Japanese craftsmen.We support Philadelphia’s partnership city relationship with Kobe, Japan and connect Japanese businesses with our local network.

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Dating back to 1585 this festival brings together many performers including comedians, musicians and actors.

This gate had been brought to the United States for the 1904 Louisiana Purchase Exhibition in St. Shofuso in its present incarnation was built in Nagoya, Japan in 1953, using traditional materials and techniques, exhibited at Mo MA as part of “The House in the Museum Garden” series, and moved to the temple gate site in Philadelphia when the exhibition closed.

Three traditional types of Japanese gardens comprise our 1.2 acre site: a hill-and-pond style garden which is intended to be viewed from the veranda; a , or tea garden, which is a rustic path to our tea house.

We would surely like to hear from you, if you have something to add to this list or even your opinion about this list. Nevruz: Considered one of the oldest festivals Nevruz is enjoyed by many communities under different names. It is celebrated among the Turkish folks to signify the leaving of their people from Egenekon.

A few societies even believe this to be the day when Noah sets foot on Earth after the flood.


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