Opi dating a royal scrangie

Everyone (Scrangie, Sminkan, Hill here and here, Misa Masa, Makeup My Lack, Rocket Queen, and ALU – as you can see, I’m super late to this party) has been raving about this collection and the reason for that is obvious to me.These colors are great and for the most part, very unique.

GET TOP COATS Express yourself through color with OPI Nail Lacquer and Infinite Shine.Extend the life of your nail looks with OPI Top Coats.For a beautiful shiny finish to your OPI manicure, use Top Coat.That’s because the whole collection is incredibly chameleon-like.They look different, at different angles and in different forms of light.Apply the first down the middle and then one on each side for complete coverage. Don’t forget to cap the nail’s free edge to keep color from chipping!


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