Playstation 2 dating sim games

#98 DUNGEON MASTER II SKULLKEEP (FTL) - 56 points Although the original Dungeon Master already had a sequel of sorts - Chaos Strikes Back - it was really little more than a level add-on kit, and the world waited for the true follow-up.

Also, the e-mail acknowledgement system steadfastly refused to work from day one, so apologies to everyone who's still waiting for a reply e-mail. Games I've never heard of popped up in every second vote, and there were just as many nominations for shareware or PD games as commercial. That's why Worms and Worms DC both feature in the AR100.

#97 RAINBOW ISLANDS (Ocean/Grafgold) - 57 points The follow-up to the classic Bobble Bubble, Rainbow Islands is perhaps the only game in the AR100 that can really be dubbed "arcade perfect".

The graphics were taken directly from the coin-op original, and the gameplay has been carefully honed to mimic the arcade parent perfectly, even down to the infinitely complex bonus system.

Inferior to the classic sequel, more on which appears below. or Silk Worm Is Vertical, as it was dubbed at the time.

The unofficial follow-up to the classic Silkworm (appearing below) combined great gameplay with technical excellence.


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