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"My wife decided to relocate here to be with them, which is how I came to end up on the island," he says. Paul himself used to work as an entertainment manager in holiday camps in south Wales and other places. "I was born and brought up on Whitby, in north Yorkshire, and it has a similar feel to Cumbrae, as it's a seaside town with a nice, relaxed atmosphere and a strong community spirit." The one thing that Whitby doesn't have, however, is a rocky outcrop that is painted to resemble a crocodile.

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The day will come to an end in local premises known as The Tavern – where, it turns out, the idea to paint the rock is said to have originated.

"It's possible that Mr Brown might have painted it a number of years earlier, but there's no record of the actual date of painting." Sadly, little is definitely known about Mr Brown himself – though that isn't too surprising, given that all of this happened before the First World War.

"Local folklore has it that a Mr Brown painted the rock after a lunchtime toddy one day, but that's about it," said Paul.

"To tell the truth I am actually 4.5 billion years old! "My job in Millport is to protect all the visitors and to give them a fantastic photograph to remember." The paintwork on the rock is re-touched every few years," says Paul.

"The local Burns Club has taken on the task of looking after the upkeep, and a local painter called Brian Elliott paints it on the club's behalf.


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