Validating commending and celebrating accomplishments

The market has seen further consolidation in the broker sector and innovative partnerships between insurers, such as LV=’s joint venture with Allianz.

If people disagree with our ideas, plans, or how we live, we may learn not to trust our inner promptings.In a short period of time, the broker has impressively increased its net promoter scores and delivered more than 100 digital customer improvements.BGL has set the standard in motor broking excellence.” Excellence in Claims Technology Winner: 360Globalnet “Judges praised 360Globalnet for its end-to-end solution, which they felt was more flexible and therefore more responsive than offerings by traditional claims technology providers.” Highly Commended: Shift Technology Excellence in Technology – Broker sponsored by TRi CE Winner: Questor Insurance “Judges were impressed with what they described as Questor’s very thoughtful use of technology on a limited budget.” Highly commended: Towergate Excellence in Technology - Insurer Winner: WPA “Judges felt the health insurer WPA’s DELOS system stood out in a strong category because it was built in-house, rather than using an external provider, and has strong potential for wider application.” Excellence in Technology - Service Provider Winner: Adapt Ready “Adapt Ready’s AR-TECH won judges over because it is a new concept with a lot of potential – it could identify exposures that otherwise it would have not been possible to detect.” Excellence in Training Winner: Aviva “Aviva recognised that its employees would benefit from training in how to deal sympathetically with distressed claimants who had suffered a major loss.I write a lot about self-esteem because this issue derails more happy lives than any other.So many cultures seem to be hard-wired to train people to feel guilty (and guilt is low self-esteem's sibling) if they dare to feel good about their accomplishments and to feel even worse if they dare to mention their achievements.Would you pull into a gas station and stand by the self-service pump waiting for someone else to fill up your gas tank?


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