Xbmc updating add ons

Plex BMC is a collection of addons which integrates an XBMC frontend with a Plex Media Server backend.The project was started by the developer hippojay, and continued by pecinko, wickning1, and magnesium.Its features includes custom home items, horizontal home menu, TV shows logos, etc. Author: Piers Transparency is best known as fanart skin.Some of its key features are custom home items, TV shows logos, vertical home menu, etc. Author: ronie Ace is a lightweight yet feature rich skin.This can be installed from the standard repository.Once installed, select "Go PLEX" from the Home Screen (scroll to Settings, select "Go PLEX").It offers tons of customization and has almost every feature that one can imagine.Its only drawback is that it does not support Live TV/PVR but other than that, it’s a superb skin.

It offers tons of customization options and works well with HD TV screens. Author: Tgx Xperience 1080 is a full width (1920 x 1080) panel based skin.Some of its key features are – customize home items, Artwork downloader, skin widgets, clear art and clear logo, etc. Author: Tgx Mimic is a feature rich skin with touches of Re Focus and Aeon Nox.It has a nice and clear approach, and works well on all devices.Author: Big Noid Amber is again a lightweight Kodi skin which offers good number of features and runs smoothly on all devices.It lets you customize home shelf either horizontally or vertically.If you had Ple XBMC installed previously, you should completely uninstall it (and the repo, if you had it) and restart XBMC before setting it up this way!


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