At least half the people you see living it up in style will be Leos. There's more difference between a blush and a flush than a letter of the alphabet. It's not at all unusual for Leo to display his arrogant pride and his sunny playfulness at the same time, which is why he gets away with murder. If you want to study the beast, hit all the bright, sparkling places around town. If you see one who blushes easily make sure you aren't getting a blush confused with a flush of pride or ego.It takes a brave soul to challenge him when he's defending his rights and his dignity.Some Leos mellow with age, but the lion never really lowers his proud head. As for the physical attributes of this Sun sign, just look around for people who resemble a lion or a lioness, with a mane of hair that sweeps back off the face, and a deceptively lazy look.This last will be disguised by a soft, usually calm and steady nature.

This update we see various changes made to the Calculators.

The lion alternates between being energetically gregarious and beautifully indolent, as he stifles a luxurious yawn.

Then he'll purr, instead of roaring and scaring you half to death.

But his high color isn't caused by introversion or self-effacing timidity. Take something away from him which he believes is rightfully his, give him orders and show him no respect.

You'll hear that supposedly gentle cat roar from here to the zoo.


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